Late Afternoon Tea

We are especially proud of this section of tea. These tees are a step out of the ordinary. They are chosen for their subtle flavours, often with multiple complementary flavours happening all at once. We pour this tea when we want to change our day and make it better. We pour this tea for our friends. This tea is best enjoyed all on its own or with food that complements it. So, make the day brighter.

Goes well with deserts and sweeter flavours!


We recommend:

Organic White Peony

Fragrant Oolong

20 Year Old Puerh Tea

Honey Fragrant Tieguanyin Oolong

Wen Shan Bao Chun

Honey Fragrant Dan Chong

Rose Petal Red Tea

Song Chong Dan Chong (Premium Quality)

Da Hong Pao

Red Rose

Silver Needle White

Golden Oolong

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