Evening Tea

These are the teas that have deep flavour that can truly be called tea! These flavours do not hide behind the water that they steep in and some even have a smoky flavour from the earth and from the fires used to treat to dry them.

Some stronger teas have converted many coffee drinkers and impressed diners with how well tea can go along with a full meal. Meats, vegetable dishes, and tofu can be rounded out quite nicely by picking the right tea.

Best of all? Heavier teas help you feel full sooner while helping you digest at the same time.

We recommend:

LKY 50th Anniversary Green Puerh

Old Tree Shui Sin

Keemun Red Tea (Black)

Jasmine Mao Feng

Old Yunnan Puerh Tea

10 Year Old Puerh Tea

15 Year Old Puerh Tea

Dragon Well (Long Jing Tea)

Dragon Well — Premium

Yunnan Golden Tip Red Tea

Ming Chun Dragon Well Green – Deluxe Quality

Bi Luo Chun Green

Coal Roasted Tieguanyin


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