Brewing tea has never been so easy

This award-winning product is a perfect combination of teapot, serving jug, drinking cup and filter. The Piao I teapot is so easy to use that anyone can brew a good cup of tea with it. With a simple press of the button, the brewed tea flows into the jug and is filtered automatically; tea leaves are separated to avoid oversteeping.

When making tea for friends and family use the outer container as a serving jug; each brew can make sufficient tea to fill 12 traditional teacups. When making tea for yourself, the outer container can be used as a drinking cup.


Price: $36


This is the original patented Piao I teapot made by Piao I Enterprise Co., Ltd. While there are many popular infusers on the market, the Piao I has a built-in teapot that allows for the separation of the brew from the tea leaves once the perfect brew has been achieved.

It has an upper chamber for brewing tea to the desired strength. Then just press a button and the perfectly brewed tea will drain into a lower chamber from where it can be poured into a cup for consumption. Any remaining tea, separated from the leaves, retains its perfect strength.

Alternatively, the top chamber may be removed and the lower chamber can function as a cup.  A splendid device for work and for home. It also makes a wonderful gift for a tea lover.

The Piao I teapot is made of strong pyrex glass, so easy to clean. It can hold 500ml/16 ounces of tea when the infuser is removed and 300ml/10 ounces of tea when the infuser is in place.

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