Premium Dragon Well

Leaf Information: Dry tea leaf, neat, uniform, flat, yellow/green colour

Strength of Flavour: Strong, smooth, nutty aroma

Flavour Accents: Buttery, smooth, toasty note of chestnut, vegetal

Price: $30/100 g 

This premium tea will have a clearer flavour than ordinary Dragon Well. Try and compare. We think you might prefer premium when you see how much bolder and clearer the flavour accents are with the Premium Dragon Well.

This is a new tea we bring to you from the Zhejiang Province! This tea is also called Longjing Tea.

Best Enjoyed: Evening Tea – Tea possessing stronger flavour and aids digestion after a meal; the perfect complement to dinner.

Steeping Instructions:

Small Tea Pot ( smaller than 200 ml )

1/5-1/4  of volume 20-30 sec (after 3rd brew add 5-10 sec)

Large Tea Pot (larger than 200 ml )

More or less cover the bottom of the teapot 1.5-3.5 min

Very important: Please make sure to rinse, warm, and wet the tea leaves every time when making tea. This applies when you are using a large or small pot.


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