Black Tea is considered to be a heavily fermented tea. The fermentation process is done naturally through years of storing in the right climatic conditions. The most common type of Chinese black tea is Pu-erh tea. The leaves are often larger and the most common origin of this tea is from Yunnan, China. The tea leaves can be plucked all year round and sometimes they are fermented before being compressed and sometimes compressed before being stored for natural fermentation.

The colours of Pu-erh tea range from a reddish tone to a black tone. Good Pu-erh tea should be smooth with a particular sense of taste not available in the other types of tea. Some Pu-erh teas have the taste of Chinese herbs and the taste should linger in your mouth.

The prices of Pu-erh teas can be quite expensive particularly the older types. In terms of age, the more expensive grades are about 20 years plus. The taste of these teas is very pure and exquisite.

List of Black Tea:

Aroma Tea House 10th Anniversary Green Puerh

LKY 50th Anniversary Green Puerh

10 Year Old Puerh Tea

15 Year Old Puerh Tea

20 Year Old Puerh Tea

Old Yunnan Puerh Tea


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