Blooming Tea

Leaf Information:  Skilled hands wrap flower petals in tea leaves, bringing years of  tradition to your cup.  Perfect to share with another person.

Flavour Strength: Sweet flowery

Price: $18/8 pieces


Steeping Instructions:

Blooming Teas… a total spectacle for your eyes, nose,
and palate.

This will be the most amazing tea you will ever try…  watch with care, as the cocoon transforms itself into a beautiful garden of green tea leaves and flowers

Let a tea cocoon bloom in your cup. Indulge yourself in a fantastic aroma, even before the boiling starts, and sit down to watch flower petals and tea leaves dancing graciously to fill the water with exquisite taste. 

  •  JASMINE HEARTS  (Flowers: Jasmine + Globosa) 
  •  LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT (Flowers: Jasmine + Globosa)
  •  OSMANTHUS LILY (Flowers: Osmanthus + Lily)
  • FOREVER MARIGOLD  (Flowers: Jasmine + Marigold)



Brewing tips for blooming tea
1. take one piece of blooming tea and put into glass teapot or cup
2. pour boiling water into teapot or cup, bring to half volume
3. pour away the first water then pour boiling water again, bring to the volume
4. after 1-2minutes, the flowers and tea leaves can relax completely.  Enjoy


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