Silver Tip Jasmine

Leaf Information: Whole leaf

Strength of Flavour: A smooth sweet flavour, this premium tea preserves both the flavour of the green tea and sweetness of jasmine (green tea flavour comes stronger the longer you steep)

Flavour Accents: flowery, mild-honey

Price: C$16/100g


Best Enjoyed: Early Afternoon Tea

Wake up your mind to get through your day or long night!




Steeping Instructions:

Small Tea Pot ( smaller than 200 ml ) 

1/5-1/4  of volume 20-30 sec (after 2nd brew add 5-10 sec)

Large Tea Pot ( larger than 200 ml ) 

More or less cover the bottom of the teapot  1.5-3.5 min

Very important: Please make sure to rinse, warm, and wet the tea leaves every time when making tea. This applies when you are using a large or small pot.


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