Coal Roasted Tieguanyin

Leaf Information: Tight rolled leaves

Flavour Strength: Roasted, earthen

Flavour Accents: Hints of nuts

Price: $48/100 g


Best Enjoyed: Evening Tea – Tea that possesses stronger flavour and aids digestion after a meal; the perfect complement to dinner.

Steeping Instructions:

SMALL TEA POT (smaller than 200 ml)

1/5-1/4 of volume for 15-30 sec (after 4th brew add 10 sec)

LARGE TEA POT (larger than 200 ml)

More or less cover the bottom of the teapot 1.5-3.5 min

Very important: Please make sure to rinse, warm, and wet the tea leaves every time when making tea. This applies when you are using a large or small pot.


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