We here at Aroma Tea house believe that every tea lover needs to discover their own path. Anyone can be a tea lover and every tea deserves appreciation; the try trick is finding out how to learn what is YOUR favorite way to drink tea. No two cups of tea need ever be the same, so learn how to make the right choices for YOUR perfect cup of tea!

Tea Master Eliza Lam carries a certification from The Institute of Masters of Tea Arts and is always happy to book an appointment. These are great for the serious student, but also for a group of friends who want to have fun one afternoon. Your first course will begin with tasting and learning about the different types of tea. Understand the optimum methods of brewing to release the finest taste and aromas for each tea style, including how to apply the appropriate amount of tea, water temperature, water quality and brewing times. Come explore the history of tea and learn about the connections of tea and good health by joining us. You will explore the rich culture and flavours of Chinese tea. In our 3 part lesson, participants will journey through the 6 major categories of classic Chinese teas. Learn how to select and store premium teas. Participants will receive a certificate of completion recognized and issued from the Institute of Masters of Tea Arts, the premier institute for the training and accreditation of Tea Masters. Price: $80 for 3 classes ( 1 1/2 hours per session. )

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